Hi! I'm Erin. 

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        I grew up riding horses and playing with my dogs in Northern Illinois. I moved to NYC to attend NYU(to be honest, winters here might be worse).

        My current passions include crystals, skincare, dismantling the patriarchy, and being a general clown. I'm a also a Pisces. Since graduating in 2017, I've taken classes with the Upright Citizens Brigade (though I will always be a Second City girl at heart) and Zachary Fine, and I also joined The Bats, the resident acting company of The Flea Theater

         If you've read this far into my bio, you're probably either interested in me as an actor/comedian/writer/theatre artist/Pisces or you're my roommate, Isabelle. Hello, Isabelle! 

                   The Tempest (Miranda) // Shakespeare in the Square NYU

                  The Tempest (Miranda) // Shakespeare in the Square NYU


Erin is planning a nap for 3pm, but other than that, she just joined The Bats, the resident acting company of The Flea Theater. She's so excited to see what adventures are in store.. She is also shooting the second season of the web series hey u up? where she is a series regular. Catch the first season here.  Whew!