🍒Hi! It’s me, Erin.🍒

Aside from art-making, my current passions include crystals, dismantling the patriarchy, and being a general clown. I'm also a Pisces. Since graduating from NYU, I've taken classes with the Upright Citizens Brigade (though I will always be a Second City girl at heart) and interned at The Playwrights Realm (non-profit theatre is a biiiiig passion of mine! let’s chat about it!).

I also joined The Bats, the resident acting company of The Flea Theater, and I’m currently apprenticing at The Barrow Group, where I’m learning acting technique from masters Seth Barrish and Lee Brock.

         If you've read this far into my bio, you're probably either interested in me as an actor/comedian/writer/theatre artist/Pisces or you're my roommate, Isabelle. Hello, Isabelle! 



Erin is planning a nap for 3pm, but other than that, she just wrapped the short film We Only Look, directed by her dear friend and collaborator Gonnie Zur. She also just made a guest star appearance in an episode of Liz and Ryan: Need Help? at The PIT.

Erin is kicking off 2019 with good friday at The Flea Theater, directed by Sherri Eden Barber. Performances begin February 11.

on set for WE ONLY LOOK || Gonnie Zur

on set for WE ONLY LOOK || Gonnie Zur